Fundamental Analysis and Data

Fundamental Analysis is the investigatory process typically done by credit research analysts who review balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows Fundamental data) to determine the intrinsic value of a company. They compare that intrinsic value to the stock's current price to determine if it is fairly valued by the broader market. Users can now find this data directly on the tastytrade platform. Embedded in the right-side panel of the desktop platform, you can now analyze companies, revenue, net income, debt, and cash on a quarterly and annual basis.  

Revenue – The money received for selling products and services

Net Income – The difference between a company's sales and expenses

Debt – The amount of money the company owes to creditors 

Cash – The sum of all liquid assets a company has on its books


Users can find fundamental data on the desktop platform's right-side panel.  

Picture of fundamental data on the desktop platform


IOS platform users can find fundamental data by tapping on a symbol in the watchlist or positions tabs or the details button in the trade table. A quick action menu will appear in which you can tap on the Fundamentals button. Scroll up and down to view a company's revenue, net income, debt, and cash on a quarterly and annual basis.  

Fundamentals on mobile platform

Users will not see a fundamentals button if no data is available for the active symbol. For example, there is no data for SPY. Thus a fundamentals button will not appear when SPY is the active symbol.