Did you make a deposit and want to start trading right away? Well, you can if your bank account is linked with our instant bank linking system. If your deposit request can be verified, then you can have up to $1,000 of buying power applied to your account immediately.  Deposits eligible for an early ACH release will receive the the prompt below. Customers are allowed one instant bp per day (not per account).

Key Points & Takeaways

  • Accounts with a bank account linked with our instant linking system may request one early ACH release per trading day. For example, that means you cannot make five separate $1,000 deposits to get $5,000 of buying power intraday.
  • Once you grant yourself an early ACH release, the deposit request cannot be canceled.
  • If you did not receive a prompt for an early ACH release, then that may indicate that the funds cannot be verified. However, the deposit will still be processed overnight.
  • Banks linked via micro-deposit are not eligible for this program.
  • If you are initially funding and were eligible for instant buying power but are still receiving delayed data, then please write to support@tastyworks.com.