Individual Cash & Margin Accounts

Individual accounts require a transfer on death (TOD) form

To set up a beneficiary in an individual cash or margin account, please visit our forms and agreements page and fill out a Transfer on Death Form (TOD). You may list more than one primary and/or contingent beneficiary, as well as set a percentage share. Please send completed TOD forms to our accounts team at or by fax at 312-724-7364.

Retirement Accounts: Traditional, Roth, and SEP

IRA accounts can specify one or more beneficiaries

To set up a beneficiary for a retirement account, sign in to your account at, or click here. After signing in, hover your cursor on My Profile and click Beneficiaries. There, you can list a one or multiple beneficiaries, as well as percentage share.

Additionally, you may fill out an IRA Beneficiary Designation form to list primary and contingent beneficiaries. An IRA Beneficiary Designation form can be found in our forms and agreements page. Please send completed beneficiary forms to or by fax at 312-724-7364.