How can I test out the tastyworks desktop trading platform?

Check out the tastyworks trading challenge

Are you looking for a demo account or a simulated account to give our trading platform a test drive? Well, instead of placing a simulated trade, you can now dip your toes by taking part in the tastyworks trading challenge and keep any profits (up to $250). However, if you're worried about losses during the trading challenge, then don't–because we'll eat them.

The trading challenge allows you to only buy or short stocks over two trading sessions. Any profits made during the two-day trading challenge are credited to your account 45 days after completing the Trading Challenge and funding a new account with $2,000. To learn more, including the rules, please visit our trading challenge site by clicking here.

Who is eligible for the trading challenge?

Currently, only domestic customers are eligible

The tastyworks trading challenge is only open to Domestic (U.S.-based) customers.  International customers (including domestic customers) looking to get their feet wet may access the platform by opening a trading account. Any trades will require a funded account. The account may remain unfunded until you're ready. That said, if the account remains unfunded for 14 days after opening, then the account switches to delayed data. Once you fund, the platform will return to live data. Lastly, if you decide that tastyworks isn't for you, then you can write to our accounts team to close your account.

To learn more about the platform and view a tutorial, please click here.