Long Stock

Getting paid the dividend

Do you hold any stocks that pay a cash dividend? If so, the cash dividend will appear in the History tab as a credit on the payable date and reflect in your account's cash balance.

Short Stock

Owing the dividend

Were you assigned short stock or held a short stock position and owe the dividend? If so, the dividend amount will initially list as a pending cash entry when the underlying trades ex-dividend. The owed dividend will appear in the History tab as a debit on the payable date and deduct from your account's cash balance.

DRIP: Dividend Reinvestment Program

Buying shares with the dividend

Looking to reinvest any dividends with DRIP? Before reaching out to our Trade Desk, your account must have a DRIP eligible security to enroll. We cannot preemptively apply DRIP to your account. Once your portfolio has a DRIP eligible position, contact our Trade Desk ( and we can apply DRIP on a portfolio or position basis.

When DRIP is applied, and a dividend is paid, the cash dividend will display in your History tab. The reinvested dividend will appear immediately above the cash dividend as a debit, indicating the cash dividend is reinvested. There are no additional commissions or fees to enable DRIP.

Current Limitation

Currently, any whole or partial shares from a reinvested dividend will not appear on your platform. However, they are visible on our back-end through our clearing firm. Any whole shares from dividend reinvestment will appear on your platform after a new calendar year (in January). Dividends payments going forward are based on the total shares you own, including any whole or partial shares from prior dividend reinvestment.