The platform has built-in watchlists to help you stay engaged in the market. Below is a description of each watchlist that is built-in to the platform. These watchlists are built into the platform and cannot be deleted.


Preset Watchlists

52-Week Near High

Underlyings near a 52-week high, have an IV Rank 30%+, and trades options will populate in this list — the watchlist updates 40-minutes after the opening bell and hourly after that.

52-Week Near Low

Underlyings near a 52-week low, have an IV Rank 30%+, and trades options will populate in this list — the watchlist updates 40-minutes after the opening bell and hourly after that up until the market close.

All Earnings

Lists all stocks with earnings over the next 10 calendar days.

Broad Market

The Market watchlist is a curated list of futures from our friends at tastytrade to keep you engaged in the market.


List of available digital currencies that you can trade at tastyworks.

Dividend Aristocrats

Stocks that appear on the Dividend Aristocrats list are underlyings where the company's management has increased the dividend for 25+ consecutive years.

Fast Movers

Underlyings listed on the Fast Movers list help you spot stocks that are experiencing fast price action. The stock price must be $10 to $500, trades options, IVR of 35+, and weights according to a proprietary combination of volume, intraday, and daily swings. The watchlist populates each trading day starting at 8:45 am (Central) and updates at the top of each hour until 4:00 pm. 

Futures: /SM75 Components

All the stocks that make up the Small Stocks 75 index (75:SME). The /SM75 Smalls contract tracks stocks in the Small Stocks 75 index. To learn more about the composition of the Small Stocks 75 Index, please click here.

Futures: /STIX Components

All the stocks that make up the Small Technology 60 index (STIX:SME). The /STIX Smalls contract tracks stocks in the Small Technology 60 index. To learn more about the composition of the Small Technology 60 Index, please click here

Futures: CME

The Futures: CME lists all available CME futures contracts at tastyworks. 

Futures: Micros

The Futures: Micro lists all available CME micro e-mini futures contracts at tastyworks.

Futures: Small Exchange

Available Small Exchange futures products that are available for trading. The tradeable futures symbols have a forward slash in front of the symbol. The symbols listed without a forward slash are the cash indices of each futures product. Please refer to the Small Exchange's product page by clicking here to learn more about each product. (Please note: You are leaving and heading to

Market Indicators

The Market Indicators watchlist includes a list of symbols to give you insight into the market's overall cadence. To learn more about indicators listed in this watchlist, please click here. (Please note: You are leaving and heading to

High Options Volume

The High Options Volume watchlist is a list of the symbols with the highest amount of options volume at the CBOE. Underlyings listed are trading near its (52-wk) high/low, have high implied volatility and IV Rank, sizeable open interest, tight bid-ask spreads, and have large shares and options trading volume.

Liquid ETFs

ETFs listed in Liquid ETFs are the most active ETFs in terms of options volume and liquidity.

Liquid Symbols

The underlyings listed in Liquid Symbols have a 3+ star liquidity rating, a market cap of $500 million or above, and at least $10 million of notionally traded volume.

Sectors Watchlists

The sector watchlists abide by the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). For more information about GICS, please click here (Please note: You are leaving and heading to

Basic Materials

The basic material sector includes companies involved in the discovery, development, and processing of raw materials. Some examples of raw materials include forestry products, industrial metals, chemicals, etc.

Communication Services

The communications services sector includes companies involved in fixed-line, wireless, and broadband networks. Some examples of communication services include telephone companies, mobile phone service providers, IT-related services, and television network providers.

Consumer Defensive

The consumer defensive sector includes companies involved in consumer staples such as food production, household goods, and personal products. 

Consumer Discretionary

The consumer discretionary sector includes automobile & components, consumer durables and apparel, consumer services, and retail. Some examples of consumer discretionary companies are car makers, apparel makers, and home improvement.


The energy sector mainly involves companies in the business of energy equipment and services, oil, gas, and other consumable fuels. 

Financial Services

The financial services include banks, diversified financials, and insurance. 


The healthcare sector includes healthcare equipment, healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and life sciences. Some examples include health insurance providers, pharmaceutical makers, and medical device makers.


The industrials sector includes capital goods, commercial services, professional services, and transportation. Some examples include plane makers, consulting, and railroad companies.

Real Estate

The real estate sector include equity real estate companies (REITS), real estate management, and real estate development.


The technology sector includes software companies, technology hardware and equipment makers, and semiconductors. 


The utility sector includes companies involved in producing and or delivering electric, gas, water, renewable, and multi-utility. Some examples include solar, electric production, and transmission. 

tasty Watchlists

tasty Earnings

Stocks listed in the tasty earnings watchlist have earnings within seven days, are listed in the S&P 500 or Russell, have a three-star liquidity rating, and have an IV Rank of 35+.

tastytrade Default

The tastytrade Default watchlist is a curated list of regularly traded and monitored stocks, ETFs, and futures by our friends at tastytrade.

Tom's Watchlist

Tom Sosnoff's watchlist.

TW Hourly Top Equities

The TW Hourly Top Equities watchlist displays the top 15 traded equity underlyings at tastyworks and updates hourly from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central time (Chicago time) when markets are open.