One feature of the tastyworks desktop platform is the ability to customize the display to your liking. The right-hand sidebar menu has several features you can use to quickly view symbol details, positions, orders, watchlists, activity, and quote alerts.

How do we get to this menu though? It’s easy, and you’re only one-click away. 


*Please Note: If your computer’s resolution is enlarged so you can view objects on your monitor better then you may not see the arrow to access the right sidebar menu. When objects are enlarged (or scaled) on the computer, it does not properly display the platform. The computer’s resolution will have to be greater than 1440 x 900 to have the ability to access to the right sidebar menu.

Accessing the Right Sidebar 

To access the right sidebar menu locate the small left arrow  on the top right corner of the platform window. Click the arrow once, and the right sidebar will slide into the platform from the right, as illustrated below.

Hiding the Right Sidebar

Let’s say you’ve had enough with the right sidebar and you want to get rid of it. Simply click the right arrow tab, and it’ll slide away from your sight, as illustrated below.

Overall view:

Docking the Right Sidebar Inside the Platform Window

Now that the right sidebar is visible you may notice that your tab windows are being blocked. No need to panic, this is not a bug. You can regain your lost view by docking the sidebar within the platform. To dock the sidebar click the arrow left  once, and the right sidebar will dock inside the platform window, as illustrated below.

To hide the docked sidebar, click the right arrow  once and the docked sidebar will disappear.

You may notice that some of your displayed columns might have disappeared after you docked the right sidebar within the platform. They haven’t disappeared forever, but instead, they’re on an overflow page. You can view any overflow columns (if applicable) by clicking the overflow arrow: The circles indicate the “number” of pages. 

Lastly, for good measure, here is an overall view of the right sidebar docked within the platform:

Popping Out the Right Sidebar from the Desktop Platform Window

The last trick the right sidebar can perform is separate itself from the platform. The right sidebar, effectively, will become its own window and can be placed anywhere your monitor has space. To pop your right sidebar out locate the arrow pointing up at a 45-degree angle  It is the third icon from the top right when the right sidebar is visible. Click the arrow once, and the entire right sidebar will pop out of the platform window. You can then move it around to your desired location, as illustrated below.

To pop the window back into the desktop application frame, click the down arrow  once in the upper right corner of the window. The window will pop back into the desktop application frame. 

Lastly, let’s take a look at an overall view: