Does tastyworks have an order or position limit?

Just like people, orders and portfolios come in all sizes. It’s okay if you’re a “Johnny One-Lot,” but if you subscribe to the notion that “bigger is better” then there are some things you’ll need to know before sending that order. Additionally, when scaling into a position, please keep in mind of positions limits as well. Listed below are the order limits and position limits for all the products we trade at tastyworks. 


Order Limits

ProductSize Limit
Stocks2,500 shares
Options (per option)250-lot*
Futures (per root)250 contracts
Options on futures250-lot*


Position Limits

ProductSize Limit
Stocks50,000 shares
Options (per option)500-lot*
Futures (per root)500 contracts
Options on futures500-lot*

*Lot is a measure word for an options strategy. For example, you are able to place a 250-lot vertical option spread, although it consists of 500 contracts (+250 long options contracts + -250 short options contracts).

How to Request a Limit Change

Write to our Trade Desk to request a change

These limits are not set in stone so If you want to go above these limits then no problem! Please reach out to our trade desk at to inquire about adjusting your limits