Time flies when your hearing dings (platform fill sounds), but now we have to make sense of all those dings by getting ready for tax season. If you're a TradeLog user, then you're in luck! Then you'll need to retrieving a CSV (spreadsheet) file from our clearing firm to upload your trading activity. But first, we need to get you set up with our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation so that you can download your transactions. If you do not have Apex credentials, then please click here to learn how to create your a username and password.

Exporting CSV Data from Apex

Instructions for Exporting Trading Data for TradeLog Import

  1. Head to Apex Clearing Corporation’s website (https://www.apexclearing.com/) or click here.
  2. Once you arrive at Apex Clearing Corporation’s website, please click the blue “Log In” button  in the top right-hand corner.
  3. After clicking “Log In” you will see a Log In area. Please input your Apex Online username and password.
  4. Welcome to Apex Online! This is where you can access your account transaction data for TradeLog. Type your tastyworks account number associated with your username into the account number field located near the top left-hand corner of the site then press enter or click search to access your account.
  5. After entering your account number, you will arrive at your Account Summary. To access your trade activity, click the “Apex Online Menu” icon  to expand the menu. Select ‘Activity’ to access the Activity module.
  6. Inside the Activity module, you can filter for Activity Type, Start Date, End Date, and Symbol. Once the desired fields are selected, click the orange Submit icon  to populate your activity data.
    Activity Type - Choose “Select all”.

    Start Date

    End Date


  7. Once you populate your desired data you will need to add extra columns in order for TradeLog to properly ingest the file. You will need to add every column to your exported file. To add columns to your export, click the three bars icon just below the “Export to CSV” icon. When opened, click each item so a checkmark appears. A detailed animation below will help illustrate this.Overall view

    Detailed View - make sure you scroll down to select each item
  8. Once all columns are added then you are ready to export. Click on the ‘Export to CSV’ icon   to download your CSV data file for TradeLog.
  9. The exported CSV file typically will download to your computer’s “My Downloads” folder or whichever folder you specified with your browser. To learn how to import the file into TradeLog please click here (http://www.tradelogsoftware.com/user-guide/tastyworks.php).

Please contact TradeLog support for any additional questions in regards to importing the CSV file or application questions/issues.