Why are my funds being held?

Mainly affects banks linked via micro-deposit

All ACH deposits from bank accounts linked to your tastyworks trading account via micro-deposit verification or by check are held for four business days before they become available for trading. In other words, this means that funds will become available for trading on the 5th business day after the deposit request. 

Example of Holding Time

  • Mon: Client submits ACH at Noon (before 2 pm Central cutoff time)
  • Tue: Day 1 of Hold
  • Wed: Day 2 of Hold
  • Thur: Day 3 of Hold
  • Fri: Day 4 of Hold
  • Following Mon: First-day funds are available in buying power.

How can I avoid this hold?

Use our instant bank linking system (Plaid) if your bank is listed

This policy does not apply to customers that have linked their bank account using our instant bank linking system by signing into your bank account with your bank’s username and password. To learn more about this and how to fund, please view our short "How to Fund" video

I used the instant linking system, so why are my funds on hold?

Changes to your bank's security settings can delay funds

Additionally, if you have linked a bank account using our instant bank linking system (Plaid), but are not seeing any recent deposit reflect in buying power, then it may be a result of any updated security settings on your bank's end. The most common cause of this issue is due to a password change. You can avoid this hold in the future by unlinking and relinking your bank account by visiting the My Money>Deposits page, after logging into your account at tastyworks.com. That way, our backend has the most up-to-date information to verify your bank account and balance. Although funds may have left your bank account, it will not be available for trading and reflect in your buying power until the holding period has lapsed.