Follow the step-by-step instructions below to complete the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS) form. If you need an ACATS Form, then please visit our Forms and Agreements page by clicking here. Please send completed ACATS forms along with your most recent statement to If you do not have a scanner to send your completed ACATS form or recent account statement, then you may use your smartphone's camera.

At this time, futures or cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) cannot be transferred to tastyworks.

Section 1: Information about your account

List the tastyworks account title, account number, and SSN or Tax ID

Fill out section 1. Information about your account with information about your tastyworks account.

  • Title of Your Account should include the name(s) of the account holder(s) and the account type.
    • For example, if you opened an individual margin account at tastyworks then the title would be Jane Doe Individual Margin.
  • Apex Clearing Account Number should include your tastyworks account number.
  • SSN/Tax ID should include the SSN or tax ID of the account owner. 

Section 2: Information about the account you are transferring

List the account title, account number, and Name of the Brokerage Firm

Fill out section 2. Information about the account you are transferring with information about your account at the other brokerage. Account tiles must match when transferring. In other words, the account type must match when transferring your account via ACAT. For example, you cannot transfer an individual cash account to an individual tastyworks margin account. 

Section 3: Type of Transfer

Entire Account Transfer or Partial Transfer

Select the type of transfer. The most common types are:

  • “Brokerage Firm Transfer (Transfer all assets in kind)”, which will transfer all the assets in your account without liquidating positions.
  • “Liquidate all assets and Transfer as Cash”, which will do just that.
  • “Partial Transfer”, which will allow you to transfer individual positions.

Section 4: Partial Transfer

When doing a Partial Transfer, please list what you are transferring

If you are transferring your whole account, you can skip section 4. If you are doing a partial transfer, indicate which positions you want to move. If there is not enough room, then you may attach additional pages.

Section 5: Signature(s)

Sign in section 5. No Medallion Signature Guarantee is required.

Please sign and date. The ACATS Form requires a wet signature (non-digital). A secondary signature is only needed when transferring a joint account or an account type with multiple owners, such as a trust.

Section 6: Letter of Authorization

Only required when transferring between a joint and an individual account

If you are transferring between identical account types with the same owner(s) on each account, you can skip section 6. However, if you are moving between a joint account and an individual account, or vice-versa, then this section must be completed. Transfers between joint and individual accounts are only allowed if the individual account owner is also one of the joint account holders.