Eligible Accounts

Individual, entity (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, Partnership, or Trust), and international accounts may use our online application to apply for futures trading. At this time, domestic and international joint accounts must use a paper application to apply for futures trading. Joint accounts requesting to enable futures must write to our support team at support@tastyworks.com and request a paper application.

IRA accounts wishing to enable futures, please click here.

Eligibility Requirements

Account must have our highest margin level, The Works, to be eligible for futures trading. If you have a margin account that has The Works, then please follow the instructions below. When your trading account is enabled for futures, then no further action is needed to trade options on futures.

If you have a margin account but do not have The Works then click here to learn how to upgrade your trading level.

Is there a minimum to trade futures?

There is no minimum account balance to trade futures. However, your account must satisfy the overnight requirement to trade an outright futures contract. To view a table of available futures contracts, as well as the overnight requirements, then please click here.

Application Processing Time

Individual accounts

1-2 business days

Entity accounts

2-3 business days

Joint accounts

3-5 business days

International accounts

2-3 business days

Instructions to Enable Futures

Enabling futures starts with signing into your account at tastyworks.com

  1. Once you log into the landing page, you will see a green “Enable” button located immediately to the left of each eligible account. Click on the “Enable” button to proceed to the futures application.

    *If you do not see this button then your browser may be caching old page data. To force refresh and clear your cache the keyboard shortcuts below will refresh your page.
    PC: CTRL + Shift + R
    Mac: Cmd (⌘) + Shift + R

  2. The futures application comprises of four parts: Futures Trading Experience, Additional Futures Questions, Important Documents, and an Agreements. Select your experience level (Limited, Good, or Extensive), answer the Additional Futures Questions by clicking “Yes” or “No,” download/view the Important Documents for your reference, and Agree to the Agreements below (outlined in red). The "Enable Futures Trading" button will illuminate green once the Future Application is properly filled out.

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