tastyworks mobile platform (IOS) version 1.10 9/11/2019

iOS version 1.10

tastyworks mobile version 1.10 for iOS includes the following additions:

  • Landscape mode for Watchlist tab
  • Days to Expiration (DTE) column in Positions tab
  • Connection Status Indicator

Landscape mode for Watchlist tab

tastyworks mobile version 1.10 most notable feature addition is landscape mode for the Watchlist tab. Give it a try after you update your app by turning your phone horizontally. If you're turning your phone horizontally, and don't see the app rotate, then make sure you updated your app to version 1.10. Additionally, you'll want to turn off the orientation lock

Connection Status Indicator

Now, you can quickly see if your platform is connected. The status indicator will either be green or yellow. The connection status indicator is in the bottom right-hand corner of the mobile platform:

Green = Connected

Yellow = No connection/Attempting to connect

tastyworks desktop version 0.44 8/26/2019

Version 0.44 features several enhancements. This recent update includes the following:

  • AM-Expiration and Expired Option designations
  • Portfolio ePoP in the account header details
  • 52-Week High and 52-Week Low watchlists
  • Viewing the BP effect during order entry
  • The ability to change the Overview chart time intervals in the right-hand sidebar
  • Help Center loads on your computer's default web browser

AM-Expiration and Expired Option Designations

Not all options expire at the market close, namely cash-settled index options and some futures options. Now, options that have an AM expiration denote with an orange AM icon on the option leg within your Positions tab.  

However, options that have expired indicate with an Exp in the days-to-expiration (DTE) area of the option leg.

Equity Probability of Profit (ePoP)

The Probability of Profit, which refers to the chance that your position(s) make at least $0.01, is now extended to a portfolio level: Equity Probability of Profit (ePoP). To view this metric, just add the ePoP column to your account header details. The ePOP displayed in the Account Header Details is beta-weighted. To learn how to customize your account header details, please click here. To learn more about PoP, please visit our friends at tastytrade by clicking here

52-Week High & 52-Week Low Watchlists

We've expanded our built-in watchlists offerings by adding two new watchlists. Underlyings that hit a fresh yearly new high or low now populate in their respective watchlists. To learn more about our built-in watchlists, please click here

BP Effect During Order Entry

Now, you can view the estimated buying power effect of a trade during order entry in the Trade Info bar, located above the order ticket.

Expanded time intervals the right-hand sidebar Overview tab chart

The chart that displays in the Overview tab of the right-hand sidebar now has three different time intervals: 1-Day (1D), 1-Month (1M), and 1-year (1Y). To learn how to access the right-hand sidebar in the desktop platform, please click here.

Help Center loads on your computer's default web browser

When you click the tastyworks Help Center icon in the desktop platform, it will now load on your computer's default web browser. We suggest using Google Chrome when viewing our Help Center, as well as initiating any chats with our support team.

tastyworks desktop version 0.43 7/24/2019

Aside from the usual back-end improvements and front end enhancements, version 0.43 expands on the Cap Req feature built into the Positions tab. 

Capital Requirement Report Improvements

The Capital Requirement Report now includes the Buying Power Effect, Initial (Margin) Requirement, as well as the Maintenance Requirement of all your open positions.  To learn how to access the Cap Req Report, please click here.

Buying Power Effect

Buying power returned after closing the position or strategy.

Initial Requirement

Margin requirement used in the buying power calculation.

Maintenance (Requirement)

Buying power needed to maintain the position without generating a maintenance margin call.

tastyworks desktop version 0.41 6/26/2019

Version 0.41 features the addition of an expanded and customizable Account Header Detail view. The first five columns: Net Liq, P/L Day, P/L YTD, Options BP, and Stock BP are fixed. However, users now can add up to eight additional account level metrics, including:

  • Today's Trade (count)
  • Day Trade Counter
  • P/L Open
  • Extrinsic
  • Net Delta
  • Net Theta
  • Net Vega
  • Net Gamma

To learn how to customize your Account Header Detail view, please click here.

tastyworks desktop version 0.40 6/17/2019

Apart from the usual back-end improvements, the latest version 0.40 includes two new features.

Rolling Up or Roll Down in Same Expiration

The rolling feature built in the positions tab includes an option to roll up or down in the same expiration. This feature can help when rolling the untested side of an iron condor or strangle. 

Additionally, "Roll Expirations" displays the next four available expirations. 

Most Liquid ETFs Watchlist

The "Most Liquid ETFs" watchlist now joins the platform's arsenal of built-in watchlist. The list includes the 21 most active ETFs in terms of options volume and liquidity.

tastyworks desktop version 0.39 release 5/23/2019

Just like prior version releases, the bulk of the updates are back-end system improvements. However, v0.39 most noticeable addition is the creation of submenus when accessing the watchlists drop-down menu in the left-hand sidebar and the Watchlist tab.

Watchlist Submenus

When navigating to the watchlist drop-down menu, built-in watchlists are inside the Presets submenu. Your portfolios positions are inside the Positions watchlist, and any of your custom watchlists will list beneath it which is separated by a line.

Aside from back-end system improvements, v0.38 includes an expanded upcoming earnings watchlist.

Upcoming Earnings Watchlist

Stocks in the next 7-days with an upcoming earnings announcement and have a 3-star liquidity rating on the S&P 500, Russell 1000, and tastytrade stocks watchlist. This list updates weekly (on Saturday). You can access this watchlist in the Watchlist tab or the watchlist drop-down menu in the left-hand sidebar. To learn about our other built-in watchlists, click here.