tastyworks mobile version 1.6.2 release 10/25/2018

Our most recent release of the tastyworks mobile app is mainly comprised of bug fixes and display improvements.

First, an underlying that does not trade options will no longer load within table or curve mode. An underlying that only trades stock will revert to stock mode after symbol entry.


Closing orders for stock or outright futures positions can now be closed using the strategy selector.

Account activity in the History tab can be selected by tapping each transaction. Selected transactions will highlight grey and total beneath the Amount heading.

Improvements have been made to handle chart data better and address display issues.

Lastly, a slight change to the positions tab was made to accommodate the display of stock positions.

tastyworks mobile version 1.3.0 release 7/18/2018

Recent changes made to the app include:

Overall App Changes
We've released a new version of the tastyworks mobile app for iOS (Android coming soon) that now includes push notifications, such as upcoming earnings, to help you spot potential opportunities for trades.