tastyworks desktop version 0.39 release 5/23/2019

Just like prior version releases, the bulk of the updates are back-end system improvements. However, v0.39 most noticeable addition is the creation of submenus when accessing the watchlists drop-down menu in the left-hand sidebar and the Watchlist tab.

Watchlist Submenus

When navigating to the watchlist drop-down menu, built-in watchlists are inside the Presets submenu. Your portfolios positions are inside the Positions watchlist, and any of your custom watchlists will list beneath it which is separated by a line.

tastyworks desktop version 0.38 release 4/16/2019

Aside from back-end system improvements, v0.38 includes an expanded upcoming earnings watchlist.

Upcoming Earnings Watchlist

Stocks in the next 7-days with an upcoming earnings announcement and have a 3-star liquidity rating on the S&P 500, Russell 1000, and tastytrade stocks watchlist. This list updates weekly (on Saturday). You can access this watchlist in the Watchlist tab or the watchlist drop-down menu in the left-hand sidebar. To learn about our other built-in watchlists, click here.

tastyworks desktop version 0.36 release 3/28/19

The main changes to v0.36 are back-end improvements and bug fixes. Aside from the improvements, we have three new features debuting in this release. Below, you can find a list of our new features.

Features Added

#1: Quote Alerts now include an audible alert on the platform.

#2: Customized Beta-Weighting in the Positions tab. To edit beta-weighted symbol, click the gear located in the top right-hand corner of the Positions tab, as illustrated below.

Once inside the Settings menu, enter a symbol inside the Beta-Weighting Symbol text field, and press enter.

#3: Order Status window in the right-hand sidebar now includes 120 days in the Day Filter dropdown menu.

tastyworks mobile version 1.7.7 release 3/27/2019

In this release, we made improvements to the Built-in Watchlists, the Activity tab, the Capital Requirement (Cap Req) feature, and the Positions tab.

In a nutshell, here are our new features and improvements:

  • tastyworks logo displays next to built-in watchlists
  • Cap Req updates real-time
  • Workings orders now are shown in the Positions tab

tastyworks Logo Next to Built-in Watchlists

Now, you can quickly distinguish between any built-in watchlists or custom watchlists. Any built-in watchlists now display the tastyworks logo immediately to the right of the watchlist name.

Working Orders in the Positions tab

Now, when you have a working order, you can quickly spot it in the Position tab with a yellow W marker: . Additionally, you can see the details of your working order when you enter the symbol group. When inside the symbol group, you can quickly create similar or opposite order, as well as replace/edit or cancel the working order.

Working order displayed within Positions tab:

Inside Symbol Group:

Cap Req Updates

Before, your Capital Requirement would only refresh each time you launch the mobile platform. Now, the capital requirement of any equity option, stock, futures, or options on futures will fluctuate based on the underlying price. The Cap Req is illustrated in the image above within the column header inside the symbol group. To learn how to add customize columns, please click here.

tastyworks desktop version 0.35 release 3/8/2019

This latest update includes the addition of the following features:

  • Days Since Open column (D's Open) in the Positions tab
  • tastytrade broadcast in the right-hand sidebar

tastyworks Logo Next to Built-in Watchlists

Now, you can quickly distinguish between any built-in watchlists or custom watchlists. Any built-in watchlists now display the tastyworks logo immediately to the right of the watchlist name.

Days Since Open

There's no need to head to the Activity tab and search to see when you initially opened a futures or equity options position. Now, in the Positions tab, you can view how many days you've had a future or equity options position open in your portfolio. The column is labeled as D's Open when added to the Positions tab. To learn how to add columns in the Positions tab, click here.

tastytrade Tab in the Right-Hand Sidebar

If you love watching tastytrade and are tired of flipping back and forth between the tastytrade tab just so you can follow along, then you'll be happy to hear that the tastytrade tab is now in the right-hand side bar. If your monitor has enough Real Estate, then you can view the broadcast while trading simultaneously. 

To prevent flipping between windows in the sidebar, you'll still be able to see your Position Details and Orders window, similar to the Overview tab.

To learn how to access the right-hand sidebar, please click here.

tastyworks desktop version 0.34 release 2/20/2019

This latest version update includes the addition of Ext, or Extrinsic Value, to Account Details at the top of the platform. Ext measures the total extrinsic value of all your options positions.

Ext will display a negative number if your account is net long options or display a positive number when your account is net short options.

To accommodate this new Ext column in the Account Details area, Delta and Theta are no longer decimalized to the hundredth (0.00) and will display as a whole number instead, rounded to the nearest whole number. The ability to view a decimalized number will return in the form of a display option in the platform settings menu, which we plan to implement soon.

Additionally, the Ext column in the Positions tab is no longer displayed as an absolute value. Instead, it will show as a positive number when you are short an option (blue box) or a negative number when you are long an option (orange box). The symbol group will sum up the total Extrinsic Value (yellow arrow). Below is an example of a short Iron Condor position. You'll notice that the two short legs have a positive Ext value and the long legs have a negative value.

tastyworks desktop version 0.32 release 1/23/2019

In this latest edition, we made changes to the built-in watchlists and added a new account balance metric.

Built-In Watchlists
We cleaned up and re-worked our built-in watchlists. 

  • High Options Volume
  • Liquidity
  • Market
  • tastytrade default
  • tastytrade Futures
  • tastytrade Stocks
  • Tom’s Watchlist
  • Upcoming Earnings

Customizing Watchlists
You can now add symbols to built-in watchlists and make it yours. Or, if you don't like the built-in watchlists, then you can delete them. The only watchlist that cannot be deleted or revised is the Positions watchlist. To learn more about watchlists, including how to customize, please click here.

Maintenance Excess in the Balances drop-down menu
If you have a margin account and click the Balances drop-down menu , located immediately to the right of your account, then you'll see Maintenance Excess. What is maintenance excess? It is the amount of excess cash and/or equity outside of your maintenance margin requirements. This tells you how close you are to a maintenance margin call (when it is positive) or the real-time amount of a maintenance margin call (when it is negative). To learn more click here.