Fractional Shares

tastyworks does not currently support the purchase of fractional shares. However, we do support the accumulation, transfer, and sale of fractional shares. Fractional shares accumulate via dividends, Dividend Reivestment Plans (DRIP), corporate actions, and account transfers (ACATs). Fractional shares will update to the platform on the payable date of a dividend, or on the settlement date of the corporate action or ACAT. 

Fractional shares display on positions tab

Whole and partial shares will appear on your platform's positions tab. 

Example of fractionals displayed on the Positions tab.

How to close fractional shares

Total shares greater than 1.00

If you decide to close your entire position, you must only close whole shares and exclude any fractional (decimalized) shares from your closing order. Any residual fractional amount (less than 1) after closing your whole shares will convert to cash the next trading day

For example, you have 50.66 shares of XYZ. To close out of all 50.66 shares, you will first need to place a closing order for 50.00 shares. After the order is filled the remaining 0.66 fractional shares will convert to cash the next trading day.  

Total shares less than 1.00

If you only received a fractional DRIP share position (quantity less than 1) and wish to close it, you must reach out to to request a fractional share position closure.