Are you looking for an alternative to two-factor authentication that doesn't involve receiving an SMS text message, or perhaps, you want another added level of security? Whatever your concern, you can now use an app authenticator on your smartphone with tastyworks customer account management (


What is an Authenticator App?

A smartphone-based app that generates a 6-digit code using a QR Code to verify your identity

An authenticator app is a different form of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for an added layer of verification and security. An authenticator app is a smartphone application that you download and install on your smartphone. Unlike SMS text message-based 2FA, you would open the authenticator application on your smartphone to retrieve a 6-digit code instead. This is achieved after linking your authenticator app to your tastyworks account by using your smartphone's camera to scan a QR code and entering the 6-digit code displayed. Instructions to link an authenticator app to your tastyworks account are located below. 

To get started,  you must have a smartphone with a camera and have an authenticator app installed on your device.

Please do not use a traditional QR Scanner/Reader app when authenticating your account. 

When can I expect to use the Authenticator App?

Like SMS-based 2FA, you can expect to pull up your authenticator app on your smartphone when you perform the following account management tasks. After you register your authenticator app to your tastyworks account, a code will generate once every 30 seconds that you must enter when prompted.

  • Changing your email address

  • Changing or resetting your password
  • Linking your bank account
  • Initiating a withdrawal

Which Authenticator App can I use?

There are many authenticator apps, so pick one you prefer

There are a lot of authenticator apps to choose from, but some popular ones are listed below. You can download any of the authenticator apps listed below or any other authenticator app that you prefer in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The links below to each authenticator app will take you to their respective product page for more information.

After veriying your account using an authenticator app, please do not delete the authenticator app from your mobile device.

What if I already have an Authenticator App on my phone?

Are you already familiar with App Authenticators and have it installed on your phone? Then, great! You're halfway there. Continue to the next section below to learn how to set up your authenticator app with your tastyworks account.

How do I enable an Authenticator App on my tastyworks account?

Log into your account at then go to My Profile>Security

To get started with enabling your Authenticator App, log in to your account at After logging in, navigate to My Profile>Security, or click here for a shortcut. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions below. 

The instruction below includes a brief animated illustration of the verification process using an authenticator app. Lastly, please note that the code displayed in the animated example is for example-use only. Your verification code will be different from the example below.