What is SMS-based two-factor authentication?

Adds another layer of security when accessing your tastyworks account

Are you looking for an extra level of protection when accessing your tastyworks account? Well, put your mobile phone to work and enable two-factor authentication (2FA). However, if you're looking to enable 2FA using an Authenticator App instead, then please click here.

You can expect to receive an SMS-2FA when you:

  • Changing your email address
  • Changing or resetting your password
  • Linking your bank account
  • Initiating a withdrawal


Enabling SMS-2FA for New Customers

Enabling 2FA Is Part of Your Application

New tastyworks customers can opt-in and enable 2FA when filling out a trading account application. Enabling 2FA is part of the Security section of the application process, where you will enter your mobile number and receive a text message to verify your mobile device. Two-factor authentication is enabled after confirming your mobile number.

Enabling SMS-2FA for Existing Customers or Recent Applicants

Log in to tastyworks.com to Enable SMS-2FA

Existing tastyworks customers can enable 2FA by logging in to your account at tastyworks.com. Accounts that do not have 2FA enabled will immediately see a prompt after logging in to your account. Please make sure the mobile phone number listed is up-to-date and have your mobile phone on hand.

If the mobile number listed is up-to-date, click CONFIRM THIS NUMBER to reach the Enable Two-Factor Authentication page. However, if the mobile number listed is not current, then click CHANGE NUMBER to update.

However, if a pop-up does not appear and your account does not have two-factor authentication enabled, then you will see an ENABLE 2FA banner along the top of your Customer Account Management page.

How to verify your mobile device after receiving your code

After you confirm your mobile number you will receive a six-digit verification code via text message. After entering your six-digit code, the VERIFY CODE button will illuminate green.

I am still not receiving my 2FA verification code

Double-check your mobile phone number or check with your carrier

To ensure the delivery of your verification code, please make sure the mobile number listed in your account is up-to-date. If you continue to have issues receiving, then please reach out to support@tastyworks.com, and provide the mobile number associated with your account so that we can help verify it. However, support agents DO NOT have access to your verification code, as that would defeat the purpose of 2FA. The only way to verify your mobile number is by receiving a verification code via SMS. If issues persist, then please reach out to your wireless carrier.

Common issues for not receiving an SMS code include:

  • User or service provider has SMS messages blocked (most common)
  • Must be on the cellular network
  • The mobile device does not have a cellular signal
  • The mobile device is only connected to wifi and must be on the cellular network

How do I know if I have SMS two-factor enabled?

Log in to tastyworks.com→My Profile→Security

Want to double-check and see if you have two-factor (2FA) enabled in your tastyworks account? You can quickly check by logging in to your account at tastyworks.com. After signing in, go to My Profile and select Security. Your security settings will indicate if you have SMS Two Factor Authentication enabled, as illustrated below:

How do I change my mobile number used for 2FA?

Return to My ProfileSecurity to update your mobile number

You can update the mobile number used for SMS 2FA by logging in to your account at tastyworks.com and then navigating to My ProfileSecurity, or click here for a shortcut.

Next, refer to the SMS Authentication section and click the red Update this setting link to update your mobile phone. 

How do I disable 2FA?

Once enabled, 2FA cannot be disabled

At this time, two-factor authentication CANNOT be disabled. Once your account has 2FA applied, then you cannot remove it. However, if the mobile number listed on your account needs to be updated, then reach out to our accounts team at accounts@tastyworks.com to update so that you may verify your new mobile number.