Save, export, and import chart settings

Save your chart settings, drawings, and indicators that you use in the tastyworks desktop trading platform. Additionally, if you wish to share your chart set up, then you can share it by sending them your tastyworks chart file.

Location of Save and Load buttons in the Chart Tab

How to save your chart

First, set up your chart, then click Save

  1. Set up your chart to how you like it–including chart settings, time interval and aggregation, drawings, and indicators.
  2. Once you have your chart displayed to your liking, click SAVE, located on the top right corner of the chart next to the zoom function.
  3. After clicking SAVE, a file directory will appear, allowing you to choose a location to save your chart file. By default, the chart file will label as tastyworks Chart YYYY-MM-DD.twchart. You can use the default label or create your own.
  4. Lastly, click Save within the file directory window to save your chart file. If you have saved a chart before, then it will load the last location or directory.

How to import a tastyworks chart file

Click Load, then locate the chart file

Importing a tastyworks chart file will replace the chart you currently have displayed. If you want to retain the chart displayed and not lose it, then we'd advise you save your chart before importing a tastyworks chart file.

  1. Go to the Chart Tab and click LOAD, located on the top right corner.
  2. After clicking a LOAD, a disclaimer will appear, letting you know that it will replace the chart currently displayed. If you do not want to lose the chart displayed, then make sure you save it before importing a tastyworks chart file. To continue, please click Yes.
  3. A file directory will appear after clicking Yes. Please locate the tastyworks chart file. 
  4. Once located, open the file, and the imported chart will replace the chart currently displayed.