Desktop Update Notice

The What

tastyworks will officially transition from v0.x to v1.x for Mac, PC, and Linux users of our Desktop Trading Platform. 

The Why

Updating to v1.x will ensure stability as operating systems update their system framework to the latest technology. 

The When

Instructions are below to update your platform immediately. However, we will be supporting both versions until November 7, 2019. We will not be supporting v0.44.x after November 7, 2019, so you will need to update the tastyworks Desktop platform before November 7, 2019.

macOS Catalina Users: Please update to v1.x immediately.

The How

Click download now below to visit our technology page and update your platform to v1.x.

Mac users may replace the tastyworks application in the Applications folder after opening the version 1 installation file

PC users MUST uninstall tastyworks first before updating and installing version 1.

For video instructions, please view the video in the Learn More section below.

download now

Learn More 

Video instructions to download and install version 1 for Mac or PC

Please Note: Your platform settings will not erase when uninstalling and upgrading to version 1.

Mac Users

PC Users

Please Note: The installation file for tastyworks version 1 will be a .msi (Windows Installer Package file), instead of an .exe file.