Unlike equity options, futures options are whole other animal. Below is a table of how assignments or exercises for options on futures are handled, as well as exchange and regulatory fees (NFA). If the area below is blank, then please give it one moment to load.

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Futures Options Summary

Futures Options Settlement Prices

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  • ^ Final settlement based on the last trade price.
  • * Open price based on Special Opening Quotation (SOQ)
  • Final settlements are based on Volume Weighted Average Pricing (VWAP). Additionally, you may trade the contract anytime up until the time of settlement on the date of expiration.
  • Exercise & Assignment Fees, Future Assignment Fees, Exchange Fees, and NFA Fees ($0.02) are charged on a per-contract basis.

Contract Definitions

Exercise and assignment handling of futures options

  • American Style - Option can be exercised by the long holder or the short holder may request the assignment (if contrary exercise is allowed) at any time up until expiration
  • European Style - Option can only be exercised by the long holder or the short holder may request an assignment (if contrary exercise is allowed) at expiration.
  • *Contrary Exercise: Allows the short contract holder to request the assignment.
  • Deliverable
    • Future - Future contract is delivered.
    • Cash - Cash (financially) settled.
    • Future to Cash - Futures contract is delivered, and immediately cash (financially) settled.

CME Contract Specifications

/ES (Quarterly)CME
/ES (Mon Weekly)CME
/ES (Wed Weekly)CME
/ES (Fri Weekly)CME
/NQ (Quarterly)CME
/NQ (Fri Weekly)CME
/RTY (Quarterly)CME
/RTY (Fri Weekly)CME