What is the Small Exchange?

Our own proprietary futures exchange geared for retail traders

Futures are all over the place with different tick sizes, expirations times, contracts size, etc. The Small Exchange is tailored for retail traders and sized more appropriately than their institutional counterparts (CME futures). For more information and questions about the Small Exchange, please visit their home page at thesmallexchange.com. Any questions in regards to the Small Exchange may be sent to support@thesmallexchange.com.

How do I claim my Small Exchange Subscription?

Start by logging in to your account at tastyworks.com

To sign up for 1 of 25,000 Small Exchange subscription, start by signing in to your account at manage.tastyworks.com, or click here. Signing up for a Small Exchange subscription requires you to complete and sign an electronic document. Please follow the illustrated step-by-step slideshow below. Once you have electronically signed the offer, a copy of your Small Exchange Subscription Offer is sent to the email address associated with your username/account. Illustrated step-by-step instructions are the bottom of this page. The Small Exchange offer to receive a free subscription with a qualifying deposit expires on December 31, 2019.

How many Small Exchange Subscriptions can I have?

Only one subscription per customer, not per account

You can only sign up for ONE subscription. Owning multiple trading accounts does not entitle you to multiple Small Exchange subscriptions.