What is Portfolio Margin (PM)

Access to greater leverage

Portfolio Margin allows customers with an eligible margin account (The Works) access to a higher amount of leverage. 

What is the minimum to apply for PM?

Must have The Works and have $250,000 in net liq

Currently, you will need to maintain $250,000 in your securities account to keep your PM status. Eventually, the requirement will be $150,000. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are holding futures positions, the value of your futures account will NOT count towards the $250,000 securities minimum due to the way your futures account and securities account are handled.

What do I need to maintain a Portfolio Margin Account?

Must maintain at least $250,000 to maintain PM

PM disables when the end of day (EOD) net liq drops below $250,000. Accounts with an EOD net liq of $250,000 or less will receive a margin call the morning of the next trading day. 

How do I apply for Portfolio Margin (PM)?

Please reach out to us at support@tastyworks.com

Although PM is not publicly available, eligible customers that wish to apply for PM must reach out to us at support@tastyworks.com during our soft opening stage. 

What is the difference between a standard margin account and a portfolio margin (PM) account?

2:1 leverage vs. 6:1 leverage

The buying requirement for standard margin accounts governs by FINRA's Regulation-T that allows 2:1 leverage, namely 50% initial margin and 25% maintenance. On the other hand, Portfolio Margin accounts base on the Theoretical Intermarket Margining System (TIMS) margin methodology, which is a risk-based approach, thus allowing 6:1 leverage. Unlike a standard margin account that is subject to a fixed initial and maintenance requirement percentage, PM accounts take a  risk-based approach.

For example, let's use a $500,000 account.

Standard Margin

  • Options buying power: $500,000  
  • Stock buying power: $1,000,000

Portfolio Margin

  • Options buying power: $3,000,000
  • Stock buying power: $6,000,000