The platform has built-in watchlists to help you stay engaged in the market. Below is a description of each watchlist in the platform. Built-in watchlists cannot be deleted.

52-Week Near High

Underlyings that reach a fresh 52-week high will populate in this list — the watchlist updates 40-minutes after the opening bell and hourly after that.

52-Week Near Low

Underlyings that reach a fresh 52-week low will populate in this list — the watchlist updates 40-minutes after the opening bell and hourly after that up until market close.

Broad Market

A tastytrade curated list of futures symbols for market awareness.

Fast Movers

Fast Movers is designed to help you spot stocks that are experiencing fast price action. The stock price must be $10 to $500, trades options, IVR of 35+, and weights according to a proprietary combination of volume, intraday, and daily swings. To learn more about the Fast Movers watchlist, please click here.


All available futures contracts at tastyworks.

Futures Micro

All available micro e-mini futures contracts at tastyworks.

High Options Volume

The High Options Volume watchlist is a list of the symbols with the highest amount of options volume at the CBOE.

Liquid ETFs

The 21 most active ETFs in terms of options volume and liquidity.

Liquid Symbols

Stocks with a 3+ star liquidity rating, Market cap of $500 million or above, and at least $10 million of notionally traded volume.


This watchlist will actively populate your account’s positions from the day.

tastytrade Default

A combination of tastytrade futures watchlist and tastytrade stocks watchlist.

Tom’s Watchlist

Tom Sosnoff’s personal watchlist.

tastyworks Hourly Top 10

Displays the top 10 traded underlyings at tastyworks and updates hourly from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Central time (Chicago time) when markets are open. 

Upcoming Earnings

Stocks in the next 7-days with an upcoming earnings announcement and have a 3-star liquidity rating on the S&P 500, Russell 1000, and tastytrade stocks watchlist. This list updates weekly (on Saturday).