Have you ever wondered which of your positions are tying up your portfolio? The Capital Requirement feature quickly details the capital requirement of all your open positions. Please note that Capital Requirements do not take into account any credit that was received. For example, if you sold a $3 wide vertical spread on XYZ and collected $1 then the capital requirement would be $300, not your max loss of $200.


Desktop Platform

To access your portfolio’s Capital Requirement report, clicking the CAP REQ icon , located at the top right-hand corner of the Positions tab window within the desktop platform. Your portfolio’s Capital Requirement report will appear in its own window. Additionally, you can add a Capital Requirement column in your Positions tab. To learn how to add columns to your positions tab, please click here.

Example of Capital Requirement column in the Positions tab

Location of Capital Requirement report

The Capital Requirement report lists the margin requirement for all of your portfolio’s open positions. It is organized by Symbol → Strategy → Position. Clicking the blue triangle  next to each symbol will expand and display each symbol’s strategy and position. If you have more than one account, then you can view other accounts through the drop-down menu located at the top left-hand corner of the Capital Requirement Report window. Lastly, at this time, cap req data cannot be exported.

The animation below demonstrates how underlyings are displayed and how to switch accounts.

Web Browser Platform

The Cap Req Report can be found in the right-hand sidebar of the web browser platform. Once the sidebar is displayed click the Cap Req iconto view the capital requirements of all open positions.

Mobile Platform

The Cap Req Report in the mobile platform is displayed as a column in the Positions tab, as illustrated below. To add the Capital Requirement column to your Positions tab, tap the column icon when and add Cap Req.