Since most of us can’t watch our platforms 24/7, the tastyworks desktop platform has a built-in alert feature to keep you on top of spotting an opportunity. The platform allows you to create e-mail alerts when the bid, ask or last price hits and surpasses (greater than or less than) a certain number. You also can create an alert when the IV index of a certain underlying exceeds a particular threshold. Alerts are sent to the e-mail associated with the account.


To create an alert, open the right-hand sidebar menu. To learn more about the right-hand sidebar menu then click here. Along the right-hand side of the sidebar menu, click on the News/Alerts tab to open the Quote Alerts menu. 


Once inside the alert settings menu, please follow these step-by-step instructions. 

  1. Type the symbol you want to track into the Symbol text field.
  2. Select what you want to track by clicking the “Alert On” drop-down menu. There you will have the opportunity to choose the metric you would like to track such as Last, Bid, Ask, or IVx (IV Index).
  3. After you choose what you want to track you now have the option to select how you want to track it. Beneath the “Operator” drop-down menu you will have the option to choose: “< (less than)” or “< (greater than).”
  4. Lastly, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a Threshold number, or the number you want to be base your alert from. 
  5. Once finished, click “Create Alert.” You will see this alert populate beneath the column labeled: “Current Alerts.” The picture below is illustrating an alert to be sent when SPY reaches less than $200.

If you've had enough with an alert and you would like to delete it then click on the ‘x’ next to it . After you click ‘x’ a Quote Alert Removal, you will receive a pop-up window to confirm your deletion. Click “Yes” to confirm the deletion, or click “No” to no cancel deletion.