Install or Uninstall the tastyworks Desktop Platform (Mac/Apple)


Download Location

The same platform used on the tastylive broadcast

Welcome aboard! Now let’s get you hooked up! To download the platform visit our technology page by clicking here or click the Download Now button below.

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For instructions on how to uninstall the tastyworks desktop platform from your Mac, then please scroll to the bottom of the page. If you're looking for instructions on how to install the tastyworks desktop platform on a PC, then click here.

Just scroll down the page until you see the DESKTOP heading, click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

Another window will pop up within the page with more specific information on the system and network requirements. Click the red DOWNLOAD INSTALLER button to start the download.

Once the download has finished, follow these instructions to complete the installation, and you’ll be trading in no time. 

Mac Install Instructions

How to install the platform after downloading

  1. Locate the tastyworks installer file. The will be in the Downloads folder or wherever you direct your downloads from your browser. The file will have the name tastyworks and a .dmg file extension. An example of the filename structure is illustrated below.

  2. Once you locate the installer file, please open the .dmg file (double-clicking the icon).
  3. Click Agree to the end-user license agreement.

  4. In the next window, click on the tastyworks icon (red dot) and drag it into the Applications folder. This will copy the tastyworks platform to your Applications folder, as illustrated below.

  5. At this point, you will want to eject the tastyworks.dmg icon from your desktop. You can do this by selecting the icon and pressing ⌘  + e or by clicking it once and dragging the icon into the trash can.

    Please Note: This is the installer file, not the actual program. Once the installer file is in the trash can, it will disappear from your desktop.

  6. Open your Applications folder by heading to Finder . You will find the tastyworks icon which will look like a red dot .Please Note: If you want the platform in your dock you can click and drag the icon directly into your dock to add it, as illustrated below.

  7. Launch the tastyworks platform by double click the icon in the Applications folder or single click the icon if it is in your dock.
  8. Since this may be the first time, you are launching the platform your computer may prompt you about whether or not you want to open this file. Click “Open” run the tastyworks platform. This notification will only appear once as it is just a safety precaution.

  9. Once you click OPEN, a window pops up, and a progress bar will appear.

    The software is communicating with our servers and downloading the latest version of the tastyworks application.

    Please Note: This window may stay on the screen for a moment, depending on your internet connection speed. Do NOT quit or STOP the process as this will lead to issues with the platform installation. 
  10. Once the latest version is downloaded, the platform login window will appear. Enter your username and password. Once you input your credentials, click “SIGN IN” and you are in!

Mac Uninstall Instructions

How to remove the trading platform from your Mac 

To uninstall the tastyworks desktop application, locate the tastyworks file in your Applications window (red dot). Open your Applications folder by heading to Finder . You will find the tastyworks icon which will look like a red dot, as illustrated below.

Now just click the icon once and drag the icon to your trash can or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘  + delete to remove the program from your computer. Empty your Trash Can by right-clicking the trash can