Keeping track of stocks shouldn’t be as hard as herding cats. Continue below to learn how to create a watchlist.

Desktop Platform

Creating a Watchlist

To create a watchlist, start by going to the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon. The step-by-step instructions below illustrate how to get you set up.

As a heads up, if you do not have enough real estate on your monitor, then the new watchlist you created may not appear when you click the watchlist drop-down menu. No need to panic. Just use the scroll wheel on your mouse or scrolling gesture on your (laptop) touchpad. Although a scroll bar is not present, the drop-down menu is scrollable. Your watchlists can also be accessed in the Watchlist tab.

Adding/Removing and Sorting Symbols in a Custom Watchlist

If you're joining us from the instructions above, we're going to continue to use the “$MAKER” list we just created. In the WATCHLIST sidebar, click the watchlist drop-down menu then SCROLL DOWN to select your new custom watchlist. Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to add, remove, rearrange, and sort symbols in a custom watchlist. 

Don’t forget! Each time you click a symbol within a watchlist, it will populate in the symbol field at the top of the platform.

Web-browser Platform

Creating a Watchlist

Head to the GRID  and follow the step-by-step illustration below to learn how to create a watchlist.


Adding/Removing Symbols in a Custom Watchlist

Looking to add to a symbol to a custom watchlist? Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Mobile Platform

Creating a Watchlist

To create a new watchlist tap the gear at the top of the watchlist window. First, type the symbol or select a recent symbol to add to your new list. Afterward, name your watchlist. Lastly, tap the blue button beneath Finish Up to create your new watchlist. One thing you may notice is that the button’s title will correspond to the symbol you want to add and the name of your new watchlist.

You can access your newly created watchlist by navigating to the watchlist drop-down menu, scrolling down, and selecting your new watchlist.

Adding Symbols to a Custom Watchlist

First, access your custom watchlist from the drop-down menu at the top of the watchlist window. To add a symbol to a custom watchlist, tap the cog on the top of the watchlist window to access the List Setup menu. You can add a recently used symbol populated in the list below or type a symbol. When typing a symbol, you must validate the symbol below.

After validating, you can select the custom watchlist to add the symbol. Once chosen, tap the blue add button below. Exit the List Menu by tapping the gear above to return to your watchlist.