Are you a data nerd? Do you dream of spreadsheets and cells? If so, you can fill your spreadsheet fix by exporting your transaction data into a CSV, or spreadsheet, file from the tastyworks desktop platform. You can open the CSV file with your favorite spreadsheet making software.

To download your transaction data, please follow the instructions below to learn how to export your transaction data in the desktop platform and web-browser platform. A visualized numerical guide that corresponds to the steps below displays beneath the written instructions.

Please Note: When determining your realized p/l for a specific year when sorting through trading activity, please remember to omit any open positions that you carried into the new year. Positions include any newly rolled positions or positions that are opened at the end of the year since they are unrealized.

Exporting Data From The Desktop Platform

Navigate to the History Tab

  1. Go to the history tab.
  2. At the top of the history tab window, click transactions.
  3. Select the account you would like to view by clicking the Account Filter.
  4. To view a specific symbol, type a symbol to filter down.
  5. To sort by specific transaction type, click the Type Filter
  6. To view a specific date range, adjust the date filter along with the start date and end date.
  7. Your transactions will populate within the History tab window. The platform populates 200 lines at a time to prevent the platform from locking up. Scroll down to populate the remaining lines.
  8. Once all of your transactions have populated, click the CSV icon to export your History into a CSV file. A file directory will appear where you can choose where to save your CSV file.

*Attention: If you downloaded a CSV file but it is not recognizable by your computer, then please add a “.csv” file extension after the filename.

Example of Exported Data

Are you wondering what your exported data will look like? Below is an example of an exported CSV from the History tab.

Exporting Data from the Web Browser Platform

After signing into the web browser platform, just head to the Activity tab then select History. You can filter and narrow your date range and transaction type by clicking the Funnel on the top right-hand corner of the Activity page. Once your data populates, click the CSV icon, located immediately to the left of the Funnel icon to download your transaction data.

Please Note: When exporting to a CSV file through the web browser platform there is a 250-line limit.