Unblocking Email Notifications

Are you having issues receiving email notifications to your inbox when a trade confirmation or account statement is ready? Or are they landing in your junk/spam folder? If you're experiencing issues then you can tell your mailbox who's boss by forcing it to allow delivery, or more commonly known by computer nerds as whitelisting.

Depending on what email provider you are using, you may want to consider whitelisting/unblocking the email addresses below to ensure you receive all account-related documents. In most cases, you can add the email addresses listed below to your mailbox's address book to ensure delivery.


Clearing Firm Email Addresses

The email addresses below are used by our clearing firm when sending notifications.

DocumentEmail Address Used

Futures Emails (via StoneX)

When you trade futures or options on futures, you will receive a Daily Statement, also referred to as the tastyworks daily statement, the morning following the trading session. You can expect any futures-related documents sent by our futures commission merchant (FCM), StoneX, from REPORTS@STONEX.COM.

Tastyworks Emails

You can make sure that you receive all correspondence sent tastyworks by adding the addresses below to your mailbox's address book.

DepartmentEmail Address
Trade Desk
Trade Alerts & Account Communicationno-reply@tastyworks.com
Trade Fill Notifications & Alertsnoreply@tastyworks.com

Unblocking Email Instructions

Below are the instructions on some of the most widely-used email services' on how to unblock email addresses.

If your email provider is not listed, then please check with your email provider’s help/support page. To learn how to manage your tastyworks email preferences such as trade notifications and promotional announcements, then please click here.