How to Enable Email Fill Notifications

To receive an email order fill notification, open the desktop trading platform, and navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the gear . Once inside, select the Communications module and check the box to enable email fill notifications.

How to Enable Mobile Push Notifications

By default, if you download the tastyworks mobile platform to your iOS or Android device, you will be set up to receive push notifications.  However, if you have opted-in for push notifications on your mobile device, but are not receiving them then, then please check your mobile device's notification settings. Please follow the links below for more information.

How do I manage my communication preferences?

All of your communication preferences are found by logging into your account at and going to My Profile>Communication Preferences. Click here for a shortcut. Additionally, this is where you can opt-in or opt-out of other tastyworks e-mails, such as new feature releases (marketing communications).

Please Note: Users may not opt-out from e-mail notifications for trade confirmations and statements due to regulatory rules.