How do I add or remove columns?

Go to the Platform Settings Menu

We all love a beautiful view, but we all have our preference when we’re viewing the Positions or Watchlist tab. To add or remove columns, start by clicking the gearlocated on the top right-hand corner of the Positions or Watchlist tab window to enter the Settings menu. The same logic also extends to the web-based platform. Looking for a description of each column? Please visit our column glossary.

To add a column to be displayed, click the item you want from the Not Displayed column on the right. Once clicked, it will appear on the Displayed column on the left. The columns displayed from top to bottom will appear left to right. You may rearrange the columns by clicking and holding the item and moving it up or down. To remove a column, click the column you want to remove, and it will return to the Not Displayed column.


Where are all of my columns?

Check your overflow page

The tastyworks desktop platform has a plethora of columns you can add to your Positions or Watchlist tab. However, if your screen does not have enough room to display all of your selected columns, then it will go to an overflow page. To view any of your overflow pages, click the arrow near the top right-hand corner of the Positions or Watchlist tab .