If you're an international customer looking for an alternative to traditional bank wire transfer, then you have one other option, and that is, CurrencyFair. Your CurrencyFair transfer must include the following information:

Bank Name & Address

BMO Harris Bank

111 West Monroe Street

Chicago, IL 60603

ABA Routing Number


*If the SWIFT Code is not accepted then our ABA number is 071000288.

Recipient/Beneficiary Account Number


IMPORTANT: Do not enter your tastyworks account number as the receiving bank account number. Make sure you are wiring into this bank account number: 1619329

Recipient/Beneficiary Name

tastyworks via Apex Clearing

Recipient/Beneficiary Address

350 N. St. Paul Street

Suite 1300

Dallas, TX 75201

Additional Settlement Information / Beneficiary section

Please include the following information, as displayed below, in the beneficiary section (Additional Settlement Information).

"BO (your name) FFC (account number name)"

BO stands for "By order of" and FFC stands for "for further credit to."

For example, if the account owner's name is Elmer Jones and the account number was 5YL12345 then the beneficiary section would spell out the following:

BO Elmer Jones FFC 5YL12345: Elmer Jones

tastyworks can typically accept transfers from CurrencyFair as long as you provide us with documentation verifying that you are the owner of the CurrencyFair account. CurrencyFair transfer request confirmations usually do the trick.

Please send transfer confirmations to accounts@tastyworks.com.

All transfers to tastyworks must be done in U.S. Dollars (USD).