To redeem referral credits, log in to your account at or click here. After signing in, scroll down past the blue Account Status area and click the black “Generate Your Referral Link” button. If you have any Redeemable Credits, then a red “REDEEM NOW” link will appear beneath the number of redeemable credits.

If you only see Pending Credits, then they will turn to Redeemable Credits after the eligibility period.

Instructions to redeem referral credits
  1. Log into your tastyworks account at or click here.
  2. When you reach the landing page, scroll down to where you generated your Referral Link.

  3. Click the ‘Generate Your Referral Link’ button, and you’ll see ‘Your Pending Credits’ and ‘Your Redeemable Credits.' If you have enough Redeemable Credits, you’ll see a 'REDEEM NOW' link located immediately below your credits.