To withdraw funds by wire, please log in to your account at After logging in, navigate to My Money and select Withdrawals. Or, click here for a shortcut. When you reach the withdrawals page, click the By Wire tab. 

You will need your bank's ABA (routing) number and bank account number to initiate a wire in section #2. If you're wiring funds to a foreign bank or if your bank requires a "for further credit to" field then you may indicate that as well.

Requests for wire withdrawals must be received by 1:15 pm Central (Chicago time) to be eligible for same-day processing. For outgoing wires, please be aware that tastyworks does not allow third-party transfers, and that funds deposited into a tastyworks account must remain there for 5 days before they can be withdrawn.

Note that a fee of $25.00 is incurred on outbound domestic wires and a $45.00 for outbound foreign wires. To submit a request for a wire, sign into your profile and visit the "My Money" page to initiate the process.