To transfer your trading account from another brokerage firm to tastyworks, we will need a few things from you to start the process. An ACATS transfer generally prevents a taxable event as it simply acts as an account transfer. To proceed, please follow the three easy steps below:

Step 1: Open a tastyworks trading account

Open your tastyworks account first

First, open up a like-account at if you have not done so already. For example, if you're transferring an individual margin account, then begin by opening an individual margin account at tastyworks. 

At this time, futures or cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) cannot be transferred to tastyworks.

Step 2: Start an ACAT Transfer

Use our electronic ACATS system or fill out an ACATS Form

Individual & IRA Account Transfers - Electronically Transfer

Customers looking to transfer an individual margin, individual cash, Roth IRA, or Traditional IRA may use our electronic ACATS Transfer System to initiate their account transfer. For more information and instructions for using our electronic transfer system, please click here.

All Other Account Type Transfers - Fill Out & Submit an ACATS Form

For all other account types, such as a joint or entity account, must fill out an ACATS Form and obtain your most recent statement from your old brokerage for the account you wish to transfer. The ACATS Form can be found in our Forms and Agreements page. For instructions on how to fill out an ACATS Form, then please click here. Additionally, the ACATS Form does require a wet signature (non-digital). 

Step 3: Send Completed Forms

Send ACATS Form and Recent Monthly Statement

Finally, attach both documents to an email and send it to with the subject line “ACATS Request.” If you do not have a scanner to scan your ACATS Form, then you may use your smartphone's camera and send it to our accounts team. You may also submit your ACATS Form and statement by faxing it to 312-724-7364.

How long does it take to complete an ACAT Transfer?

Typically, 7-10 business days

Please keep in mind that the ACAT process typically takes between 7-10 business days to complete (sometimes as long as two weeks). Additionally, tastyworks does not charge an incoming ACAT fee. However, the outgoing firm or where you transfer is coming from may charge an outgoing ACAT fee.