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Overview Video

Additional Points

  • Only one chart can display in the chart tab.
  • To remove a drawing, single-click the drawing in the chart to highlight then press the delete key (PC) or function (Fn) + delete (Mac).
  • After-hours price action displays by default and cannot be removed at this time.
  • Indicators overlaid on the chart have a line chart icon: .
  • Indicators displayed beneath the chart have a bar chart icon: .
  • If you are experiencing issues viewing this in full-screen, then you may view this video by going to YouTube, or by clicking here.
  • To view IVR (Implied Volatility Rank) on a chart, add (tw) IVR from the Chart Indicator menu. For more information about IVR Charting, click here.
  • To learn about the four different chart styles (bar, candle, line, and area) in the chart tab, please click here.

Video Timeline

  • 00:05 - Introduction and Chart tab location
  • 00:20 - Chart tab layout
    • Viewing a chart of a specific symbol
    • Explanation of chart controls
  • 01:33 - Adding Indicators to the Chart
    • Overview of the Indicator menu
    • Example of adding indicators (MACD, RSI, 20-day SMA, and 200-day SMA)
  • 02:36 - Adjusting the height of an Indicator displayed beneath the chart
  • 02:45 - Removing an Indicator from the chart
  • 02:53 - Adding drawings to a Chart
  • 03:24 - Adjusting and customizing a chart drawing
  • 03:28 - Removing a chart drawing
  • 03:39 - Delete/hide all chart drawings or Indicators

Instructions to Chart an Individual Option

To view the chart of a single-leg option in the desktop trading platform, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Trade tab>Table view.
  2. After expanding an expiration, right-click on an option's bid or ask price. You will not see the option to view the individual option on a chart if you line up a buy or sell order.
  3. View option in chart cursor menu will appear, and after clicking, it will take you to the Chart tab to view the chart of the individual option.

Instructions to Remove an Indicator

  1. Enter the Indicator menu by clicking the Indicator button: .
  2. Once inside the Indicator menu, all displayed indicators will be listed inside the Current Indicator window. To remove a single indicator, click the X located to the right of the indicator label:
  3. After clicking the X, it will be removed from the Current Indicators window, denoting that it is removed from the chart.

Instructions to Hide/Remove ALL Indicators or Drawings

To learn how to save, export, or import chart settings, then please click here.

  1. Within the "Chart" tab, locate the gear icon  . The gear icon is located below the tab bar.
  2. Click on the gear icon to open the Chart settings menu. 
  3. Within the Chart settings menu, click on the “Chart” tab. Within the "Chart" tab, you will see options to “Remove all drawings/indicators” and “Hide all drawings/indicators.” To temporarily hide all drawings or indicators, just click the checkbox immediately to the right of “Hide all drawings/indicators” and close the Chart settings menu. Your drawings/indicators will be restored should you ever uncheck the box. To completely remove (no possibility of recovery) indicators or drawings, continue to step 4.
  4. To completely remove all drawings/indicators, click one/both of the "Remove" buttons immediately to the right of the "Remove all drawings/indicators" options. 
  5. Upon clicking one of the "Remove" buttons, a “Remove all drawings” or “Remove all indicators” prompt should appear with a “Yes” or “No” choice. 
  6. Click “Yes” to remove all drawings or indicators. 
  7. Happy charting!