Instructions for Joint Account Opening

First timer’s start here!

If you do not have an account at tastyworks yet, then please register with us first by creating a username and password. You can register by visiting our homepage at and clicking "OPEN AN ACCOUNT," or click here. Also, if it’s your first time with us, please do not forget to confirm your email address. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link in it. Please click the link in the e-mail to confirm. 

After you register with tastyworks by creating a username and password, you will enter the first page of the account opening process.

Current tastyworks account holders, please start here!

If you already have a tastyworks account, then you're halfway there. To open a joint account, please sign in to your account at or by clicking here. After signing in, scroll down and click the "OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT" button

Types of Joint Accounts

There are two types of joint accounts: joint tenants in common & joint with rights of survivorship (WROS). Both joint account types have TWO account owners, but assets are handled very differently in the event of a death.

There are two types of joint accounts: joint tenants in common & joint with rights of survivorship (WROS). Both joint account types have TWO account owners, but assets are handled very differently in the event of a death.

Joint Tenants in Common

A joint account type in which two owners each have a specific proportion of the account's assets. When one account owner dies, their assets are passed on to their estate.

Joint With Rights of Survivorship (WROS)

A joint account type in which two owners have an equal share of assets. When one owner dies, the surviving owner will have full rights to the account.

Application Process

*Individual accounts cannot be converted to joint accounts. Assets can be transferred from an individual account to a joint account using an internal transfer request; please click here to learn more.

First, select the joint account type you’d like to open.

After selecting your joint account type, choose the type of trading account you want to open. You have the choice to open a Cash account or Margin account. To learn about more the differences between the two account types, please click here.

When you’ve selected your account type, you may proceed to the next page. You will have an opportunity to enter your contact information in section 1.

*ATTENTION: Please enter the joint owner’s first name, last name, and email in section 2. The joint owner will receive an email in regards to a joint account application. An example of this e-mail is pictured below. The joint owner must have their own e-mail address. The joint account owner MUST click the link in the e-mail to complete the joint account application. 

The joint owner will receive a message like the one illustrated below.

If you and the joint owner are using the same computer, then please sign out of before the joint owner completes their application. Both joint owners cannot use the same e-mail address.

The link to complete the joint accounts applications will remain active for one week.

Joint account owners who do not have a tastyworks account or have not registered must create tastyworks credentials to complete their application. If the joint account owner already has a tastyworks account, then please use the e-mail address currently associated with their tastyworks account.

To proceed to the next section of the application, all appropriate fields MUST be filled out properly. A green checkmark  located along each section title will denote a properly filled out section. If you do not see a green checkmark, then please check to see if all fields were properly filled out.

**Please Note
: If you already have a tastyworks account then sections 3 through 6 may be pre-populated.

When the application is correctly filled out (7 green check marks in total), a green “CONTINUE TO TRADING ACCESS” button will illuminate at the bottom of the page. 

If all fields of the application are NOT correctly filled out, then you will see the button pictured below. Please review your application to see if you might have overlooked anything.

The trading access page is where your trading level is determined. At tastyworks, we have three trading levels. The trading level you receive is based on how you determine your investment knowledge level (section 1), trading objective (section 2), and financial information (section 3). To learn more about our trading levels, please click here.

Once your trading access page is correctly filled out, the button below will illuminate green and allow you to “CONTINUE TO SECURITY.”

On the security page, you can enter your mobile phone number (without dashes) to validate your mobile device for two-factor authentication and enter an account security question. Once complete, the “CONTINUE TO IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS” button will illuminate green.

On the Important Documents page, you can review all of your important account opening documents. Nothing has to be signed, but you can download each document to your computer for your records. If you agree to all the provisions in each document, then click ‘YES.’ These documents can also be viewed in our Forms and Agreements page.

Lastly, you have an opportunity to review your account information and agree to the terms and conditions. If you agree, click the radio button. The "Sign and Submit Application" button will illuminate green.

After verifying and clicking agree your application will be submitted. 

A joint account application will not be reviewed until the joint account owner complete’s the account application. Please inform the joint account owner to PROMPTLY complete their joint account application to prevent delays in account opening.

The account opening process for the joint account owner is similar to what is spelled out in this article.

When your application is submitted, you will return to the account management page. Your application will remain in a “Pending” status until the joint account owner completes the joint account application. 

Once the joint owner completes their application, the account will switch to a “Processing” state, as illustrated below.